How to Get More Clients for Your Service

Something we often hear from many new service-based startups owners is how to get more clients. Fair enough, that is the most pressing issue when somebody starts a business. It is because without clients there is no revenue and it will not take you a long way. But the reality is that getting clients is not that difficult.

Let us discuss an example. Think about all the businesses that are on the planet. Every single one of those businesses needs branding. Now, of course, if you are offering logo design services only, then you are going to be looking for startups. If you come to businesses offering a logo, they are going to say that they already have a logo. When you start to offer branding services that go beyond the visuals, you can approach businesses with revenue. The businesses that can afford the services that you are offering. You can use visuals like storytelling and messaging and positioning strategy. But, the most important thing is finding the strategy that suits your organization. Once you find out the strategy, you can bring clients into your business.

Strategies to find more clients:

Below are a few strategies that will help you bring in more clients to your service-based startup.

Build up a network:

You have to grow a network; you have to meet people who might become potential referral partners. For small organizations, build relationships with real estate, build relationships with apartment communities. start from scratch in building networks around you. Look for partners that you can align with later. build your social media networking. Build relationships with marketing agencies who could refer their clients to your service. So, make a list of potential partners.

Let us say that you are a fitness trainer. So, here the potential partners would be any nutritionist and dietitian. It is because that is going to be a helpful relationship that you can have. They can send clients to you and you can send your clients to them and so on.

Advertise and get features:

You have to face the world and show your views to the people to get more clients. There is a saying “Out of sight, out of mind”. So, you got to show up, you have to make sure that people see you and they know that you have something available. They have to know that you have a business that you work on. It is very easy to hide behind a computer screen or a laptop screen and not show yourself. But this way you cannot expect more clients to come across your business. You have to show people what you see to bring in more clients.

Dynamic hunting:

Getting new clients is not a passive game. You cannot sit back and wait for them to come in. You cannot post a couple of social posts and think that they are going to come knocking on your door. It does not work that way. You have to be proactive in getting new clients. One of the best ways to do this is to identify who it is that you are trying to target. What is their job title and where are they hanging out. Go and find them where they are, go and search for that job title on LinkedIn. You can get an exhaustive list of people who might represent your perfect client and start reaching out to them.

Now it will not work if you keep on copying and pasting the same message to everyone. Take the time to understand exactly who they are, exactly who they are working for. Also, what kind of jobs they have out there in the market at the moment. That will tell you what kind of challenges they have and where they need help. Engage with them on a human level and show your personality.


Now there are several strategies here and I do not recommend that you can go out and try all the above strategies, not at once. that you pick one that suits your business, that suits your personality, and the one that you are most likely you commit to because it is that commitment that will end up generating those clients for you.


Q1. Is marketing most important in a service-based startup?

Ans- Let’s be honest, when it comes to business, it is not the best business to win. It is the business with the best marketing that wins. We all know that this is not fair, but this is how the world goes.

Q2. What are the biggest challenges to start a service-based startup?

Ans- Some biggest challenges are coming up with unique ideas, understanding the customer’s views, and hiring good employees.