Property loans are a further hypothecary credit name and are available for both paid and self-employed borrowers to assist them in fulfilling their business and personal needs by mortgaging.


When you have finished an investigation into the available credit deals on the market and chosen a bank to take loans, you can take the next steps to complete the loan process and get a loan punishment.

  • To start with, fill in the application form online for the loan or visit the branch where the application must be completed.
  • You can request your basic credit conditions (loan, tenure, salary, etc) and request to complete personal, occupational or income details on the request form. The borrower will determine your loan eligibility based on your information and provide you with credit choices in accordance with your requirements, including interest charges, processing fees, paperwork required, lock in p. If your eligibility is not compatible with the bank, then the loaner may advise you to send additional documentation or to add co-applicants to expand your eligibility.
  • The lender will arrange a meeting to photocopy the documents, which include KYC, tax documents and documents for land, and will also talk about the process of property approval, as the post-fill application and the discussion above (that can be telediscussion). A representative of the bank will come and collect documents from your address. The bank can also receive from you at this point transaction fees and other legal and technical fees.
  • ·For Bankers, a legal and technological verification will be initiated. He can also telephone your resident number, and verify that the information you supply is authentic, and visit your residential address or office. Bankers will visit the site and send the property appraisal report, which includes the approximate market value of the property as well as feedback that the property has a valid title, full documentation and no technical discrepancies. On the basis of the above calculation, the bank will confirm your eligibility for a loan.
  • Once a bank is satisfied by the above reviews, its loan will be authorised, a letter of sanction will be released and the disbursement process started. Upon receipt, original property documents and mortgage registration documents must be sent to the bank duly signed and registered. The registration process for mortgages will take 4-5 business days. At any point of this process, bank officials or credit card managers will assist you.

The method of mortgage loan can be tedious. However, we have been able to simplify the process of securing mortgage loans for our valueable customers with continuous assistance and door services from the bank as well as our representatives.