It may well be the same that everybody would bear unfortunate events at some purpose in life. It may well be destruction or injury to one thing you own or that belongs to you, diseases, or overtime. Such instances will cause an excellent loss to you and your relations and staying protected is that the sole best means which will provide some relief against the misfortune. Insurance schemes shield your family and your properties against such untoward incidents.

Insurance is an associate degree agreement between the insurer and therefore the insured, whereby the user can claim the losses of the insured up to the quantity bonded.

Life Insurance

This is the most essential and must have a scheme in your insurance list. This insurance provides complete security to your family during misfortune circumstances or disability.

LIC Call Centre Services phone number 022 6827 6827.

Health Insurance

Health insurance provides a cover against the medical costs spent due to any unforeseen illnesses or disability. It is beneficial for you and your family to fulfill the cost of treatment and medication.

Star Health and Allied Insurance number: 1800 425 2255.

Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle insurance is compulsory for all to get for all types of vehicles. Failure to hold vehicle insurance will result in the payment of a penalty or legal cases being filed against the owner.

Vehicle insurance number of bajaj Tata 1800- 22- 5858. Bharti 1800- 102- 5858. Other 020-30305858.