Home Loan Scheme

Having own house has its charm and importance and kind of independence. Owning a house is everyone’s lifetime goal. To make this possible, you can take a home loan to meet the costs required in making a house. A home loan helps to overcome the financial burden.

So many banks and NBFCs offer home loans according to the credit score and needs of every individual.

About Home Loan

Home Loans can be available by anyone with a good credit report who ant to construct or buy a house. They can take the loan offered by many banks and government institutions, these loans can help to make your dream house.

Advantages of Home Loan Schemes

  1. Affordable interest rates based on your preference.
  2. Low processing fees.
  3. Less paperwork.
  4. Easy way to go application process.
  5. Flexible repayment methods.
  6. One tap assistance was provided.

Different Types of Home Loans

There are various kinds of home loans available depending on your requirements:

  1. The most important and common type of home loan is taken to buy a new house or apartment or to construct a home.
  2. Home Improvement Loan is taken when you need to do renovations in your existing home.
  3. Another is Home Extension Loan. This is used when you want to perform new construction to your home.
  4. Land Purchase Loan is taken when you need to purchase the land.
  5. Lastly Bridge Loan is taken when you need to finance the purchase of a new home unless your old home is sold.

Documents for a home loan scheme

  1. Identity Proof for all applicants
  2. Address proof for all applicants
  3. Income proof