Religare Health Insurance

Religare Health Insurance is a Gurgaon-based IRDA (insurance regulator)-registered insurer. In India, the insurance has 1002 offices. Religare is a company that sells health insurance, critical illness insurance, personal accident insurance, top-up coverage, and maternity insurance.

Religare Health Insurance also covers cutting-edge therapies like robotic surgery, as well as diseases like HIV/AIDS. Through Religare Health Insurance’s 7400+ network hospitals, you can get cashless medical treatments all around the world. Religare offered various types of health insurance to meet various insurance requirements. Religare Health Insurance has a claim settlement rate of 93 percent. The claims settlement ratio is the percentage of claims settled by an insurer out of all claims received in a given year. The insurance services, on the other hand, are limited to health, travel, and corporate insurance.


    • There are almost 7400+ hospitals in our global network.
    • Covers robotic operations and AIDS therapy.
    • Pre-existing heart conditions are covered by the policy.
  • Global Plus policy having a limit of Rs. 6 crores in coverage.


Fill out the “Pre-authorization” form and submit it to the hospital’s insurance or TPA desk (Third-party administrator).

A TPA is a company that processes insurance claims on behalf of another company. The rest of the information will be filled out by the hospital, and the form will be sent to Religare Health Insurance.


  • Religare (CARE) Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan Review

Religare’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (CARE) offers a family floater option with quantities insured ranging from Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 6 crores.

The various floater CARE plans for different sum insured are:

  • Super Saver: for sum insured of Rs. 4 Lakhs.
  • Elite:  for sum insured of Rs. 5, 7 and 10 Lakhs.
  • Elite Pus: for sum insured of Rs. 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 Lakhs.
  • Global: for sum insured of Rs. 50, 60 and 75 Lakhs.
  • Global Plus: for sum insured of Rs. 1, 2, 3 and 6 Crores.

  • Religare (CARE) Freedom Insurance Plan-2 Review

For those aged 46 and up, Religare (CARE) Freedom Insurance Plan-2 offers a family floater plan. The Floater Plan covers 6 people, with the oldest member having to be 46 years old. The plan’s various sums covered range from Rs. 3, 5, 7, and 10 lakhs. All adult insured members are entitled to an annual health examination. If you are hospitalised for more than 10 days, you will be eligible for a companion benefit of up to Rs. 15,000 under the plan. The difference is in the financial restrictions for various expenses such as cataract treatment (up to Rs. 30,000 per eye) and knee replacement (up to Rs. 30,000 per knee) (up to Rs. 1.2 lakhs per knee).

  • Religare (CARE) Senior Insurance Plan Review

Individuals aged 61 and up can join the Religare (CARE) Senior Insurance Plan’s family floater plan. 2 Adults are covered by the Floater plan (Self, Spouse, Father, Mother). All covered persons are entitled to a free annual check-up under the plan. You can also get ambulance coverage (up to Rs. 2,000) and organ donation coverage (up to Rs. 1 Lakh).

There are two plans under Religare CARE Senior:

  • Care 8: for sum insured of Rs. 3 Lakhs.
  • Care 9: for sum insured of Rs. 5, 7 and 10 Lakhs.

The Care 9 Senior floater plan has a higher cap in terms of money.


  • Religare “Care” Health Insurance Plan: Religare Care is a family health insurance plan that covers everything. With coverage up to Rs. 6 crores, the plan is available as an individual or as a family floater.
  • Religare “Care Freedom” Health Insurance Plan: Religare’s “Care Freedom” health insurance plan is developed exclusively for diabetics. Up to a sum insured of Rs. 10 lakhs, you can purchase insurance without a pre-policy checkup.
  • Religare “Care Heart” Health Insurance Plan: With an annual sum covered of up to Rs. 10 lakhs, Religare’s “Care Heart” health insurance covers pre-existing heart problems in cardiac patients.
  • Religare “Care Senior” Health Insurance Plan: Religare’s “Care Senior” health insurance plan is designed for people over the age of 61 and offers an amount insured of up to Rs. 10 lakhs, making it ideal for your elderly parents.
  • Religare “Joy” Health Insurance Plan: Religare’s “Joy” is a maternity insurance health plan with a baby cover of up to Rs. 10 lakhs. The minimum admission age for moms is 18 years old, while the minimum admission age for children is 1 day. 
  • Religare “Cancer Mediclaim” Health Insurance Plan: For sums insured up to Rs. 50 lakhs, Religare’s “Cancer Mediclaim” Health Insurance Plan covers lifelong cancer treatment expenditures with the option of paying premiums in easy EMIs of Rs. 258 a month.
  • Religare “Critical Mediclaim” Health Insurance Plan: The Health Insurance Plan “Critical Mediclaim” offers with a simple EMI option. In the monthly EMI of Rs. 495, the policy gives quantities insured up to Rs. 2 crores.
  • Religare “Heart Mediclaim” Health Insurance Plan: Health Insurance Plan Religare Health Mediclaim covers 16 main cardiac defects with monies guaranteed for a monthly fee of Rs. 141 up to Rs. 25 lakhs.
  • Religare “Operation Mediclaim” Health Insurance Plan: Health Insurance Plan is for operating and surgical charges. A monthly premium of Rs. 448 can be paid for Rs. 25 lakhs. Up to Rs.2 crores the maximum insured amount may be.


The Religare Health Insurance covers all current illnesses and diseases with a variety of health insurance. Depending on the coverage required, you can choose the individual or float policy for you and your parents.

The world’s 7400 network hospital, second international opinion and easy EMI premium payment alternatives are provided to you through different health insurance packages.