Health Insurance Portability

When you buy a health insurance plan, many people think that switching from one company to another may affect their plan. They think they might lose all the benefits. So, they usually stick to that one plan just because they do not know that their policy can be ported. The way you port your mobile sim card is the same as that. If you are using the health insurance of one company and you are not satisfied, you can just port.

In this article, we will focus on what is health insurance portability and why you should port?

What is health insurance portability?

Health insurance portability means transferring the existing health insurance from one insurer to another. The IRDAI is a body that is responsible for the welfare of the insurance policyholders. It lays down the guidelines for protecting their interests.

Reasons for porting your health insurance

  1. Customize the policy: When you port your policy from one insurer to another, some of them give you the option of customizing the policy. This option helps you to make certain changes in your policy to fulfill the needs of a health insurance policy.
  2. No claim bonus: In case you have got an associate accumulated No Claim Bonus on your existing policy, your new underwriter can calculate this discount and incorporate it. They can incorporate it with the number of premiums you are supposed to pay. So you can still take the benefit of the No Claim Bonus.
  3. Premium: The current insurance market in our country is full of competitors. Insurers need policyholders to hitch them and get an insurance policy. Thus, parting from the present policy might lower your premium whereas the advantages might increase.

Requirements for Portability

The process of porting an insurance policy will dissent slightly on the terms and conditions of the issuer. You can wish to urge connection together with your current and former insurance company to grasp the precise set of documents needed for the aim of porting the policy. You will be asked to submit the following documents to initiate the process:

  1. Identity proof
  2. Address proof
  3. IRDA portability form
  4. Proposal form
  5. Insurance policy
  6. Claim history ( if applicable)
  7. Declaration of number of claims (if applicable)
  8. Documents related to medical history


Q1. When can we port?

Ans- You need to apply for the portability before 45 days of your health insurance renewal. If you pass the renewal date by even 1 day, your portability form will not be valid that year.

Q2. Does the age of the place holder matter?

Ans- Yes, the age of the place holder matters in the case of porting. If the age of the place holder is more, then the premium of the health insurance is also more.