By lubmaharashtra.com

Entrepreneurship plays an important role in the growth and development of any society. The development of entrepreneurship and business development services are the major requirements for industrial growth. Entrepreneurship emerges from an individual’s creative spirit into long-term business ownership. Entrepreneurial skills are essential for industrialization.

Women entrepreneurship is the process where women organize all the factors of production, undertake risks, and provide employment to others. The women’s doing entrepreneurship has never been differentiated on the basis of their gender and given exposure to women entrepreneurs without any restrictions. Women perform an important role in building the real economy of a nation. There is considerable entrepreneurial talent among women. Many women’s domestic skills such as people and time management and household management are directly applicable in the business context.

The study of women entrepreneurship has experienced great growth since 2017, above all to understand all those factors that explain the difficulty of women in undertaking an entrepreneurial career is the most difficult part to overcome. Women entrepreneurs running the fastest-growing category of entrepreneurship worldwide and have received many achievements in recent years. According to the emerging literature, women can make a significant contribution to entrepreneurial activity.

The increasing presence of women as entrepreneurs has led to the change in the demographic characteristics of the business and economic growth of the country. Women are running businesses and are playing an important role in society inspiring others and generating more employment opportunities in the country. There is a need for platform growth for women entrepreneurs, to promote balanced growth in the country. The field of interest for women of doing entrepreneurship is retail trade, restaurants, and hotels, education, cultural, cleaning, insurance, and manufacturing. Women entrepreneurs act as key players in any developed country in terms of their contribution to economic development.

A woman entrepreneur can be called a confident, innovative woman capable of performing self-economic independence individually or in collaboration, also it gives employment opportunities for others through initiating, establishing, and running the business by keeping balance with their personal, family, and social life. Women also tend to start businesses about ten years later than men, on average. These women have developed financial stability and bring experience in manufacturing or nontraditional fields.

Women entrepreneurship has given a great contribution towards developing countries and taken developed countries to the next level. Women doing business are experts in maintaining the balance in personal and professional life.