This scheme previously known as the Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana, the PMMVY was introduced in the year 2017. This scheme provides a direct cash benefit to pregnant and lactating mothers above the age of 19 or above for the first live birth. It is the social welfare maternity benefits program introduced by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

Objectives of PMMVY

1. The PMMVY ensures providing cash compensation against any wage loss.

2. Good healthcare and aftercare are important to reduce the risk of any disease.

3. This scheme promotes healthy behaviour among pregnant/lactating mothers by promoting good nutrition and feeding practices to reduce infant malnutrition.

Who is eligible for PMMVY?

1. All pregnant women/lactating women excluding those who are employed with the Government or those who receive similar benefits under some other scheme.

2. Only for those women who got pregnant after the date being 01/01/2017 and also the pregnancy being the first child in the family.

Benefits Of PMMVY

1. On the early registration of the pregnancy at an Anganwadi Centre/approved health facility – Rs. 1,000.

2. After six months of pregnancy and receiving at least one ante-natal check-up – Rs. 2,000.

3. After the birth of a child is registered, and the child has received the first cycle of immunization for BCG, OPV, DPT, and Hepatitis-B – Rs. 2,000.

4. How to Apply Pradhan Mantri Matritva Vandana Yojana

5. Visit and log in to the software using the approved health facility’s login details.

6. The Beneficiary Registration Form (Application Form 1A) will be available under the “New Beneficiary” button and fill all the necessary fields.

7. The Application Form 1A, once submitted, will enable the applicant to receive the first instalment of the scheme.

8. Afer 6 months, to avail of the second instalment, the applicant must log in again, click on the “Second Instalment” tab and proceed to fill in Form 1B with the help of the instructions in the User Manual.

9. To receive the third and last instalment, after the birth of the child and the completion of the first cycle of immunization, the applicant can log in again and proceed to fill in Form 1C under the “Third Instalment” tab.

Documentation Needed

1. Copy of the Mother and Child Protection.

2. Card (MCP).

3. Copy of the Identity Proof of the beneficiary and her husband.

4. Copy of Bank Account/Post Office Account Passbook.