Multiplier Grants Scheme

Department of Electronics and Information Technology is implementing Multiplier Grants Scheme is also known as MGS. According to this scheme, if the industry supports R&D for the development of research that can be implemented at the institution level then the government also provide financial support that is almost twice the fund provided by the industry. The proposals for availing financial support under the scheme can be submitted jointly by the industry and institutions.

The Technology Development Council (TDC) budget head will be working on the implementation of this scheme. According to this implementation and feedback, the scheme would be updated by the Working Group.

The major objectives of the scheme are:

  1. Establish, nurture and strengthen the links between the Industry and Institutes;
  2. To promote industry-oriented R&D at institutes.
  3. Encourage and accelerate the development of indigenous products.
  4. Bridge the gap between R&D / Proof-of-concept and commercialization /globalization.

Proposal Implementation

Proposals will be invited based on the disposal of funds, three times a year. A Working Group will inspect and verify every proposal and suggest the Department for suitable financial support. A Project Review & Steering Group (PRSG) will periodically evaluate and analyse the technical and financial progress of the project, favouring the release of funds. The approval under the scheme and the application to submit the proposal would be based on the Terms & Conditions. The details of the scheme, including proposal status, would be made available on the Department official website.