Get Free Credit Report

A check on credit is the way you are handling your loan on a variety of variables like a report card. It includes details as to how you paid credit card duties, how much debt you got, how promptly the EMI was paid and what the length of your credit history was. This is a statement.

Credit offices or consumer reporting agencies receive and store credit information from credit card companies, lenders, banks, NBFCs or other financial institutions. The information is given to you by credit card companies. This knowledge allows your lender to decide to give you a loan and to charge you the rate of interest.

Your Credit Report is divided mainly into three sections:

  • Personal information: Your name, address, employers.
  • Accounts: Payment history, current outstanding and repayment track record of credit cards, mortgage loans and all other credit accounts.
  • Enquiries: Companies that have accessed your Credit Report


Online technology has made the entire process of checking your Credit Report easier and less time-consuming. Fintech lenders like creditboss help you download your FREE Credit Report in just a few clicks. Here are the steps to check your Credit Report at

  • Click on ‘Free credit score’.
  • Enter your personal and employment details along with your PAN Card number.
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter OTP and you will get your FREE Credit Report.
  • You will be directed to My Account Section where you can view the following:
  • Credit score
  • Detailed Credit Report with complete information on your past loans and cards.
  • Credit analysis from
  • Loan offers based on your profile and credit history