Sensibull is a self-employed enterprise that exchanges exclusive options (Sensibull). In partnership with brokers like Zerodha, 5paisa, and Motilal Oswal, Sensibull has made it possible for you not to copy it straight from the platform on the selective option strategy. You must first have an opinion on a certain stock or index in order to get the finest options strategy. The perspective may be optimistic (in the coming days stock prices will rise) or bearish (in the morrow stock prices will decrease).

AFFILIATION: Sensibull is only affiliated with Zerodha, 5paisa, Motilal Oswal, and Alice Blue. 


  1. Sensibull offers three plans.
  2. Pro, Lite, and Free (for a maximum of 14 days). 

The Pro Plan has sophisticated tools and features including Implied Volatility charts (IV), strong statistical instruments, currency options, and all elements of the Lite Plan. The Pro plan is for experienced traders of options. The Lite Plan includes the option chain, the strategies wizard, profit & loss in real time, 10 watch lists, open interest analyses and further tools.

The Lite plan is perfect for beginner traders of options.


  1. Create Option Strategies: Sensibull helps you build trade options depending on your observations of the market. It also warns you about forthcoming events like GDP statistics, RBI policies and outcomes of companies that might influence your strategy. 
  2. Easy Order Placement: You will not have to submit individual purchase/sale orders on your broker’s site after you have settled upon a plan.
  3. Compare Options: You can mix two or more strategies to compare strategies and view P&L in different situations if you are uncertain. The spot, date, volatility implied (IVs) and the best option strategy may finally be changed.
  4. In-built Insights: Sensibull informs you to events that can have an influence on your transaction, such as corporate activities, including stock split, rights issues or continued buybacking. The insights also contain details such as the influence of GDP statistics, RBI policies and FII activities.
  5. Options Strategy for Any Day: In general, market strategy engines advocate expiry date option strategies. However, Sensibull offers tactics for trading options on any given day, including the expiry date of the options.
  6. Option Chain: The Option Chain visually illustrates the whole accumulation of open interest for any Sensibull stock or index. You may view fine information on the option chain screen, for example in Greek real-time, built-in event notifications and the percentage of the implied volatility.


  1. Easy options trading platform.
  2. Integrated with stockbroker.
  3. Features like option chain and strategy builder.
  4. Factors likely impact of events in strategy.
  5. Options strategy for all days.


For all your trading options Sensibull is a one-stop shop. The software acts as a trading advisor and options partner and warns against producing incorrescent options in the form of scenarios. You have all the information, events, risk and possible P&L details available before you trade. Moreover, new options may be learned and practised on paper by traders.