Scripbox is an on-line site with zero manual paperwork criteria for investing in mutual funds.

With just a few clicks, you can open a Scripbox investment account with full transparency to complete mutual fund investments without paying any extra cost. 


Scripbox is an exclusive online investment fund platform that helps you achieve your individual financial objectives.

Scripbox allows you to prepare the long- and short-term life objectives extensively.

Depending on demands and resources, objectives can differ from person to person and the objectives may be created:

  • Emergency fund
  • Retirement savings
  • Children’s education
  • Foreign vacation
  • Car purchase
  • Tax saving investment. 

You can invest in mutual funds, monitor your savings and settle and obtain funds easily through Scripbox on your bank account.

The platform provides you with a list of the best mutual funds to invest and reach your life goals.


  • All the Mutual Fund Investments are in Your Name

When you invest through Scripbox, your money goes directly to the AMC and mutual funds are allocated. The mutual fund units are kept on your behalf and you have all the information. Ownership in mutual funds is still with you.

If the service of Scripbox closes, you can contact the mutual fund company directly. If you pay your investments in mutual funds then the money will also be credited to your bank account directly. The Scripbox Account is never available. You can rest assured that investing in mutual funds through Scripbox is absolutely safe.

  • Scripbox Employs Bank Grade Security

For all its transactions, Scripbox uses bank-grade security controls. The website is protected by the Geotrust Certificate, which means a stable website link (the lock icon before the website address of https). All transactions are encrypted and the login credentials are regulated. In addition, all transactions only take place when you start.

As soon as every transaction has been arranged, Scripbox alert you with an email and an SMS so that the transaction is known straight away.


Scripbox resolves your headache of finding an appropriate scheme for mutual funds. Scripbox offers an easy-to-read method of mutual fund investing with algorithmically chosen, life-oriented mutual fund schemes.

From a single Scripbox account, you can use your home to invest, monitor and manage all your investment in your mutual capital online.