RBI customer care

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which is also known as the banker’s, is India’s central bank. The RBI oversees the Indian government’s monetary and other banking policies. On April 1, 1935, in accordance with the Reserve Bank of India Act of 1934, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was created. Since 1937, the Mumbai Reserve Bank has been permanently housed.


  • 8691960000 (missed call for Information and Help)
  • 011-23711 333 (New Delhi-Head Office)
  • 22-2270 4715 (Mumbai-Regional Office)
  • 0135-2742001 (Banking Ombudsman)


HEAD OF THE OFFICE: Shri Ajay Kumar, Regional Director

Address Telephone Fax E-mail ID
Reserve Bank of India
6, Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110001
011-23711333 011-23711250 [email protected]


Working Hours Weekdays 09:30 a.m. to 05:15 p.m.
Banking Hours Weekdays 10:00 a.m. to 02:30 p.m.

Only use sites with https; avoid banking on free networks; regularly change and
do not share password/PIN. For more, give missed call on 14440.


How you can file a grievance on RBI’s ‘complaint management system’.

Step 1: You must visit https://cms.rbi.org.in in order to file a complaint. Click on a complaint file after that. CMS is desktop available and you can use the app as well.

Step 2: From the dropdown, pick ‘Request the Ombudsman for an eligible regulated entity.’ Select the entity form – bank, NBFC, or participant system – from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Enter the general information on the ‘lodge complaint portal’ now. Click on the calendar and fill in the ‘Request Date’ and ‘Reply Date’ area.

A complaint shall be submitted to the RBI Ombudsman/Regional Office of the relevant Ombudsman.

Step 4: Complainant details: Here you must enter all information (e.g. name, gender, age, telephone number, address, etc.) and your complaint form (For instance, is the complaint regarding e-wallet, transaction issue, etc.). As soon as the process is done, ‘press next.’

Step 5: Banks details: Choose from the dropdown list the account type. Enter ATM/credit/debit card info on the appropriate bank account. Please enter the disputed number, compensation amount and then enter the bank/person against whom you are going to lodge the complaint in the ‘Complaint Comments’ section. As soon as the process is done, ‘click next.’

Step 6: Declaration: Read the declaration information carefully. After this, accept it by clicking on the toggle and click on next.

Step 7: Nomination: The person against whom the plaintiff filed the complaint is given the details: Select the radio button and click next. Enter the full details of your appointment. Select next and continue. Click next.

Step 8: Upload the complaint related details, if any.

Step 9: Finally, your complaint will be successfully filed by clicking on the submit button.

The request shall notify the plaintiffs of the decisions of the Ombudsman, allowing them to monitor their grievances and to file online appeals, as appropriate, against the decisions made by the Ombudsman, on the RBI website.


In order to file an online complaint with the RBI Ombudsman, follow these steps:

  • Upload the complaint letter explaining the problem.
  • Upload any supporting documents to support your complaint.
  • Insert a copy of the original complaint written to the concerned bank.
  • Also, insert a copy of the response received from the concerned bank.
  • All these documents need to be uploaded on the website in pdf or .txt format only.