credit card
By echeck

A lot of individuals are wondering about the right credit card. There is no such thing as the perfect credit card, but the right credit card to suit your spending habits perfectly. Depending on their lifestyle, likes, and dislikes, everyone will have different needs in life. Knowing this, several credit card companies have created special credit cards for people in different categories. A comparative analysis can be performed by the consumer and the one that best matches their preferences and spending behavior can be selected.

You can select a credit card that comes with big reward points and discounts on aspects relevant to shopping if you are a person who enjoys shopping. You can pick a travel credit card that comes with discounts on flights and hotel bookings if you travel regularly.

Study the spending habits and compare the advantages of various credit card issuers on cards. Select the one that suits your requirements. In order to save on your monthly bills, use the incentive points and discounts.


It is necessary to pay your credit card bills, and it helps increase your credit score. The following methods of paying your credit card bills may be preferred.

AutoPay: When purchasing a credit card that requires the card issuer to automatically detect the sum of the bill, you can opt for the auto-pay feature. It allows you to pay credit card bills on time and keep your credit score safe. If you feel you are not able to pay the full sum, you can also opt-out of the auto-pay option.

Online Payment Options: Any credit card issuer allows online payment of bills. By entering your card details and the amount to be billed, you can access their online portal and pay the bill.

NEFT / RTGS: You can pay the bill using the NEFT facility if you have a bank account and use net banking. You can only add the details of the payee and pass funds to the credit card company from your account. You can choose the option of RTGS if your bill payment is big, which helps you to transfer more amounts. This strategy is best to ensure that the payment of your credit card bill is made on the same day.

ECS Payment: If you pay specific bills periodically, the Electronic Clearance System is an excellent solution. You can set up an ECS mandate under which you can ask your credit card company to present your bank with an ECS payment order.

Mobile applications: Banks and credit card firms have created their own mobile app that allows the monthly bill to be paid off. Also, certain mobile apps allow you to pay your credit card bills and provide discounts at partner stores and businesses. You can only download the app and use your bank account to pay your credit card bill.

Cheque Payment: This is another simple way to pay your credit card bill. Only type the number of your card and the name of the payee on the cheque and place it in the bank dropbox. It normally takes 2 to 3 days for the cheque to be processed and the payment to be made.

Cash Payment: This is the safest choice when you are inexperienced or unable to do so with the above options. You can only go to the credit card issuer’s branch and pay in cash by filling out a form that contains details of the payee and card number.