HDFC Auto Loan

HDFC Bank is one of India’s largest banking and financial services firms and one of the largest in the world. It was established in 1992 and comprises over 4,000 subsidiaries in more than 2000 Indian cities. It provides an extensive range of services including consumer banking, credit cards, credit cards, investment banking, banking, and management of wealth.

The purchase of your first vehicle can be a very free time – no more waste of time with autorickshaw or commuting to your workplace every day with various modes of transport. The first major loan for many people will be an auto loan. AN HDFC Bank Auto Loan could be a con.


In just a few minutes you can check your eligibility and obtain approval on the bank’s website. Depending on which categories you belong to, there are different age and revenue criteria. Refer directly to the bank for revised standards.

  • Salaried employee
  • Minimum age for Salaried is 21 years (at time of loan application) and =60 (at the end of the loan tenure).
  • Have had a job for at least two years, and a minimum of one year with your current employer.
  • Gain a minimum of Rs. 1 income, including your wife / co-applicant income, of 80,000 per year.
  • Have a telephone/postpaid mobile connection.
  • Self-employed individual (sole proprietorship)
  • Minimum age for Self Employed is 21 years (at the time of loan application) and =65 (at the end of the loan tenure).
  • Be in business for at least two years.
    • To earn a standard car at least 60,000 rs. Per annum and a minimum of 1, 00,000 rs. Annually for medium-sized and premium cars.
  • Have a mobile connection with a phone at residence/Post Paid.
  • Self-employed individual (private limited company)
    • The Earn at least Rs. 60,000 annually if you are interested in buying standard vehicles for the mid-sized and premium cars at least and Rs. 1 50,000 annually.
    • A minimum annual turnover of Rs. 4, 50,000.
  • Have an office filigree.
  • Self-employed individual (partnership firm) /p>
    • Earn a minimum of Rs. 60,000 per year if a regular car and a minimum of Rs. 1. 50,000 lakh/annum are to be purchased for a higher section.
    • A minimum annual turnover of Rs. 4, 50,000.
  • Have your office and residence have a landline.
  • Self-employed individual ( public limited company)
    • If in the manufacture, trade or services business you are a director of a public limited company, then you must receive at least Rs. 60,000 per year if you want to buy a standard vehicle and at least Rs. 1, 50,000 annually in the medium-sized and premium vehicles.
    • A minimum annual turnover of Rs. 4, 50,000.
  • Have an office landline.


Auto loans vary in interest rates according to each customer’s credit score and history, the bank’s existing relation and internal policies, among other factors. The rack rate for an HDFC auto loan bank is generally from 11.5% to 13.75%. It is advisable to check directly with the bank for the latest interest rates.