Credit Boss is a credit advisory service in India with an extensive network across India. Credit Boss aim is to help clients to achieve positive creditworthiness and financial freedom.
The following advertising options are available at credit boss:
Text Links
Text links are displayed at the bottom of the navigation on every page.
Each text line can have a different hyperlink.
Graphical Ads
If someone is interested in long-term advertising with us, we can offer a discount of 10%, according to the duration of the advertising.
How To Pay
Your ad will be tested and configured. Customers can pay after their ad is finalized and
it goes live.
Payments can be done by Debit Card, Credit Card, or by PayPal.
Native advertising
Native advertising is like sponsored content but with the unique tone & feel of the
Local's journalism.

Why should you use native advertising? 

Native adverts are viewed 52% more frequently than banner ads.
1. Better story-telling and thought-leadership integration.
2. Potential reach is greater to suitable audiences
3. Adblock friendly, complementary to other ads.
4. Provides long-tail exposure and SEO.

Native advertising: A simple process
1. Ideation
Our Company will work with you to find the best angle & format for your message.
2. Creation
We create the content, publish it on our sites and promote it through our social media
3. Optimisation
Our experienced team will analyze & optimize continually to drive the response as per
your need.

Banners, video, and interactive solutions
To enhance your campaign or increase the length of your products and services
exposure, your marketing teams can consider:
1. Tactical banner advertising
2. Targeted social media
3. Branded video
4. Podcasts
5. Surveys/Quizzes